Tips for Effective Presentations

  1. Content is Key – don’t distract with unnecessary images, animations, etc.
  2. Tell a Story – give your information context and soul
  3. Keep It Simple – limit text, number of colors, images
  4. Quality Matters – use sharp, quality graphics; don’t stretch images
  5. Use the Right Tool – is a slideshow really what you need?

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Why Prezi?

Prezi Educator

  • Non-linear canvas enables content to be grouped, arranged, and sized to provide context and to create visual metaphors
  • Zoom enables the presenter/viewer to focus or to see details as part of a whole
  • As a web-based tool, Prezi is available on a variety of devices and requires no installation
  • Prezi’s can have multiple editors collaborating simultaneously
  • A multiple media formats, including audio narration and online videos – can easily be added

Examples: Wonderland, Syria: The BasicsDigital Media

Getting Started

Signing Up: Education Account

  • Education accounts may save prezis as private, and replace the prezi logo with their own
  • You may also designate your presentations as reusable, to enable others to make a copy to customize for their own use


  • Create frames based on the ratio of your computer screen during a presentation (usually 4:3)
  • Click and drag the + between two path points to add a new point in between
  • Add a YouTube video by pasting the link onto your canvas
  • Find pre-made visuals under Insert > Diagram
  • Download a “portable prezi” to display without internet (web videos will not play)