Digital Personalized Learning Course for Teachers

Teachers were required to complete two units – Copyright and Accessibility – by a certain date. They also had the option of completing two additional units on Google Apps and Moodle for CEUs. Because some teachers were already familiar with these topics, there was an option to complete the units by passing the quiz at 80%; if the quiz was not passed on the first attempt, access to the quiz was restricted unit the participant completed all of the unit’s lessons. After completing a unit’s lesson, the unit quiz could be attempted unlimited times, with a badge awarded when a score of 80% or higher was received. Receiving a passing score on a quiz also triggered the display of a banner stating “Unit Complete!” to make is easier for people new to online learning to determine which units they had completed.

Teacher View (screenshot)

Student View (screenshot)

Course Backup (some assembly required)

Tech Tools for Teachers Course

Tech Tools for Teachers was a self-paced, project-based learning professional development course for teachers. All participants were required to complete two foundation units – Copyright and Blogging – but could then complete any of the 20 remaining units based on their interests. Access to theses units were restricted until the required units were marked complete, which as automated by receiving a passing grade on the final assignment (link to a blog post) in each unit. When a participant received a passing grade on their assignment in any unit, a label containing a link to a PDF certificate was displayed in a unit named  “My Certificates”.

This course was designed before lesson modules existed, so each unit is composed of several pages with linked together with URLs in the page content. The course also uses compact design, i.e. the actual units and pages are hidden from the participants, and a label contains links to a single page in each unit

Teacher View (screenshot)

Student View (Screenshot)